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Newgrounds to me has become a lost cause.

2013-02-15 11:26:30 by AaronofLive12

Effects of social media comes throughout the gradual downfall of this website.

I still blame the redesign. There is even less of a reason for me to come to the website where most of the flash and 2D animated items here are explicitly retarded to me, and the longer I was exposed to the content, the more disgusted I felt with the future direction of talent, and the child critics do not help one flacking bit. As well, the content was affecting my general judgement of opinion, with responses from the authors either being abusive or retarded, rarely has any of the authors placed a mature, constructive and unbiased response back, and I am aware of the consequences on both ends, they should be aware of it as well.
There is now little of what is considered great about Newgrounds now.

My History on Newgrounds
A junior high school. 2006 g.c. Teenagers (students) were the people who were accessing the website from their then-latest model Macbooks, the same time I respected the modern metal genre and trance music. The first of the flash products I experienced on Newgrounds were games, since I was partially aware of flash products back then, and naively thought Newgrounds was specifically for games, with less emphasis on animation and music. Throughout the time that I accessed the website during the unrestricted period at school, and remember too that I was mostly naive back then, searching the website content released a mix of emotions for me. The other downfall was the slow bandwidth speed in Australia, limiting my browsing, but unlike most individuals I did not mind waiting until the pages loaded.
The few things keeping me sane between 2006 g.c and December 2007 g.c were the knowledgeable people who can tell what was best for development. Proceeding to December 2008, the then overabundance of commercialized urban music and the fall of Myspace and rise of the Facebook social network, I entered Newgrounds as a user from December 12, 2008 under WZyndicate, but rarely did I realize that while I joined Newgrounds and Myspace, was when the infamous period of social networks were used. I called this internet revolution "pathetic" back then, and at that time, Youtube became the famous "Fluck your intelligence and suck in to the cool runts doing stupid trash" website and internet memes were overabundant and typically demeaning, misleading and cheap.
Getting back on topic, Newgrounds and websites similar to it eased some of my difficulties, ironically fixing some, and gradually turned into a cheap entertainment source. For example, the animations on this website have greatly altered in overall production during the 7 years I have been on here. It has turned into an unbearable waste from my end of the knowledge side, the few that would be called a step in the right direction may be the only ones I would respect in the whole.
As one of the sources of illiteracy and pointlessness, it is currently a general example of the partially corrupted digital society filled with a majority of inferior people regularly using Facebook, Twitter or another simplified social network. I know now it weakens individuality and judgement and can affect your lifestyle depending on how heavy you use it and your depth of reality.
Since I DID NOT grow up as a pushy pussy shifter making a tragic living in corrupting other people with constantly posting internet memes and quotes from Television programs and other media outlets, I'm seeing the corrupted society from my own perspective, and I have experienced most of the major events are unsuitable for positive progress.

I officially lost my respect as a member of Newgrounds as of February 15, 2013.
I will not be returning to Newgrounds as a member from April 28, 2013. To me, the future of this website is officially dead.

I'll Introduce myself properly to my music:
Firstly and importantly, I'm not an actual DJ, I'm a digital composer. I use audacity for some synths and kicks, and I use LMMS 0.4 for production.
Most of my music is in the Hardcore/Gabber genre. My other genres I create are the following:
Hard Dance (usually downtempo Hardcore/Gabber), Drum & Bass, 2 step genres (chillout genres and gabberstep), Speedcore (and variants, specifically Splittercore, Extratone and Glitch) and Happy Hardcore.
I do have multiple stable tempos I compose at the following: 105, 135, 160, 180, 195, 210, 225, 270, 280
I have recently concentrated on following specific musicians since many of the mainstream styles are discomforting to me, and their personalities, screw it.

Accounts for where you would find Aaron of Live 12's music. If any of my releases are publicly stolen, even sampled, report it directly to me, or report to the admin/leader of the website it was played on or was featured on. I strictly disapprove plagiarism of any kind.
(The soundcloud widget may not work on your machine. Right click and select 'open to new tab' if it's blank)
Soundcloud: Aaron of Live 12 - Soundcloud
Bandcamp: Aaron of Live 12 (Bandcamp)

Enjoy the last days of the gregorian calendar year: 2 thousands, 0 hundreds. 1 tens, 2 ones.
Finally, fark religion and it's followers! The consistency of it makes my anxiety issues become more severe.

(Based on recent stories to the public, opinions from this entity)

By the way, I have always hated that "Two and a Half MenĀ©" show. It was one positive message where a member of the main trio fired up a message to the public, he is disgraced with the overall show's run. All to my knowledge at least, since a public channel released a 10 second sample from this 'changed' actor.
The show was terrible to me. It's a no brainer.

Another story which is not mine. Their are several cases of cliched stories of male sports players (mostly rednecks), sometimes forcing me and a minority of others to shout "We knew of this irrelevant craze when that famous football player admitted to taking drugs during the football season", although to my knowledge, the sports anchors and reporters are not clearly sending the message of these cowardly attempts over an already troubled sport.

Flack these reporter sports dudes, it doesn't matter anymore, this is just my life and why the fluck should I watch these redneck douche reporters. You understand what I mean, unless you suck up to rednecks and love these derogatory and useless reporters. Flack them, they do the best their can, and obviously the best are not doing good enough to the retarded men and the women following it.

The actual media are as abusive towards their superiors than people fighting to severely damage the corrupted media with trite. Admit it media horns, it's disgusting to see you insignificant lowlifes drag and dumb down the public. Just admit it.

Screw this uncensored age of music

2012-11-26 17:03:55 by AaronofLive12

I have clearly had too many long rests to write nothing on events, and I have certain reasons to do so.

The main topic I mentioned as the subject, fack the mainstream music freaks. I've gained my sanity back by not listening to what most of the retarded children and teenagers listen to, and it is a derogatory waste of a life. As a deeply concerned person who simply cares more about the emphasis of positive minds than the corrupted, the effects of the industry does not affect just one follower, but millions. Sadly and truthfully, the internet has reduced itself to the overwhelming amount of bland and trivial content filled full of lies, scams and very simple opinions. A similar situation is distinct in the music industry, as most of the material and creativity of musicians are very cheap and brainwashing. The extremes of what the universal media form of the internet has done to most of the media industry has generated a great amount of criticism in public, and most of these critics and ordinary people have clear reasons to shout.

Another deeply common element of music, the obvious sexual messages, mostly distinct in Dance (specifically the modern/current genres), Hardcore and Urban music. If I have recognized a music generation of perverted elements and the lack of the true 'Kids and drugs do not mix' positivity in music, you should know I am not amongst the weak minded or agree to join with them anytime soon. Even though I may appreciate some of the previous generations of music and I am not 9 years of age, I personally put on my own soundcloud that I do not respect most musicians promoting any messages of depreciation or in a more basic way, depictions or references of aggression/violence, sex, drugs and negative behavior forms.

More weaker people means a weaker society. Read books and not what the retarded people think on the internet. Social media should not be recommended at anytime.
(Expansion to this post within 2 days.)

Within the next 2 days, I will put two audio items on this website, a music piece and voice acting piece.
Aaron of Live 12 (Soundcloud): Aaron of Live 12 (Soundcloud)

......Try again you rednecks and retards, I'm sick of stories specifically referring to them in the media. Why do I care if any die or are injured you flicks!

Scamming innocents to the world of memes.

2012-10-19 21:39:09 by AaronofLive12

It is ironic as Newgrounds is going down. It's run will end soon.

It is not going to last too long at this rate, and most of the user's talents (of any field) have damaged Newgrounds to the most relevant endgame scenario, bankruptcy by user idiocy. Or the slightly less likely scenarios in the way of Myspace, or the misleading meanings of life of users on social networks.

An erroneous mistake turning Newgrounds into a highly irrational group of meme lovers and frequently immature pretenders.

I will officially go as far as to say this age of Newgrounds is the worst I have ever encountered, since I discovered it on the internet in 2006, when first playing 'Thing Thing Arena 2' and 'Chaos Faction' frequently at high school.
For a few years, I have seen the quality of flash animations and games plummet, and people's opinions to such travesties, writing bland comments on a users flash product.

The last section is about quotes I believe are very effective examples of the real world and our society as human beings.

As quoted from the Colonel, an AI character from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Sorry for doing this Kojima Productions. I'm giving credit to the following information from this game, even though I have never been allowed permission for it. To me, these are perfect quotes referring to the present-day):
"(But) in the current digitized world, trivial information is accumulating every second, preserved in all it's triteness. Never fading, always accessible."
And other quotes of deep interest I eventually found correct in today's society:
"Who else could wade through the sea of garbage you people produce, retrieve valuable truths and even interpret their meaning for later generations."
"The digital society furthers human flaws, and selectively rewards development of convenient half-truths."

I know of many other quotes from this codec conversation exposing a range of positive points, many referring to the accuracy of today's society.


It can get very difficult to find people who use the internet and other networks for positive use, e.g. building a relationship with another person.

PM response only, no post comments.
I have deep tendencies of aggression to naive, pessimistic, retarded or similar types of people. Especially if they would call the internet their second home.

The sharp lines between idiot and knowledged individuals

2012-09-22 03:14:55 by AaronofLive12

In a negative area of negative, there's an increase in low quality material for special days and any day for the matter, and I have constantly let most of them go since they usually have excess negative elements.

Opinion to Madness Day (2012): Other than Krinkels or the special works on the day, the days are plain typical in general.

That is the short and straightforward point of it to me.
And recently, watching 'Incident: 101A' (The fifth in the binary code titled, random, non-canon productions with some clear elements of memes), it may seem that the item was unfinished from numerous perspectives, or rapid rushed, and it was most likely the situation here. And in the typical situation of reviews, only a few of the users were criticizing the product, or disgusted with it for a specific reason, and the rest are spammers. As I may continue to follow his works, I can see this (likely) trend continue, along with numerous originators of their products. And Xionic Madness has little for me to like since I completely stopped watching the series from 3. Voices toned my satisfaction of the series entirely.

Increased Boredom in Sports: Specific codes of clock consumption and useless refereeing were highly distinct in NFL and some of the other time-based sports I have been watching in the past 3 weeks. With this clear section of society's pointlessness, I have completely gave up on the entertainment elements of sports since they are almost non-existent.

Pretenders / Trend followers: I'm still far better off to focus on myself. Leave the affected to swallow the constant filth of the media, and their explicit and antagonist-oriented opinions. Independence first.

When 21 comes: Incorporate a different approach for it, and for a few years, I've had normal days when I turned an additional year in my life. And I'll turn 20 starting Monday (09/24), I know it will be similar to the past years. On topic about age, many still celebrate a constant in every new year in the Gregorian Calendar, another year. On the day, I decided that was the end of it, and since then every day has been a normal day to me.

Projects: Work on your own. It's always better to do exactly that and not send any public information through. In many cases I have seen on the internet..... I am not spelling this out. And depending on who you are, you may or may not understand this.
In all prior and subsequent posts, forget about commenting.

Additional posting (September 29):

Head has cleared.

And look around. Newgrounds finally fell for it, the logo change, It was very subtle. Within 4 pages, I saw the change. Adding on from this post are the following:

More information to come. Resting.

Message below

The sharp lines between idiot and knowledged individuals

Smartphones and the usual arguments.

2012-09-12 22:36:12 by AaronofLive12

Still, the iPhone 5 just released in America is pointless, albeit a massive event to idiotic geeks, and most modern age pests. Same bull skip of typical submissive and over-joyous reactions and increased 'cheap shots', what else of it!
I'll basically say the same thing to the iPad 3 when it comes out, even more of a reason to complain to that company that may create another abomination if released. And personally, being an almost transparent phone user since the 2002 calendar year, realizing for the last 7 years through advances, 'calling' other mobile phones is still considered to me, the main vital element of mobile phones. I do not intend to criticize about the list of negatives added to mobile devices today, the obvious still being social progress. From what the degradation of an individual's social life and judgements would reflect, naturally depends on how long the individual would use the mobile device, as well as the programs the individual accesses on it.

[Last words of the post]
The mainstream..... their loss.
It is obvious for them to suck us in, due to their extreme tendencies in which most of the positive elements of life destroys itself. And due to mental incomprehension until around 2009, I figured all of this out the hard way.
Today's mainstream is too vulgar and corrupted for an even more uncivilized age of society.

Websites without moral education

2012-07-15 15:10:55 by AaronofLive12

On this post, I'll be truthful and assertive.

There is a very shallow future for this now increasingly depleted website. Memes and cliches have peaked several times, and the fanbase is now filled with retarded minors seeking memes, worthless media topics, pornography, and tragic role models. In the perspective of a user who has used two accounts in 42 months (or 3 and a half years), I have my own intention that I would leave a now vulgar and generic website. I now have a complete knowledge that this redesign has been a huge, erroneous mistake. A classic 'Myspace' design example.

I can definitely leave 'Newgrounds' in the case of lackluster intelligence throughput, and a severe amount of misleading content. Below are my other reasons.

Additional reasons:
- A now confusing and repulsive redesign, ruining not just fanbase, but 'Newgrounds' own reputation. If they change the tank (logo) to just the tank as 'Twitter' have done with their 'Twitter' bird, they will sell the whole website out!
- Internet Memes: One very controversial topic never to be forgotten. Faces are memes too, text pest! Internet memes as I see them, are what extremely gullible retards love, and one reason that today's society are lazy and vulgar.
- Account Users: Same old, same old. Most users post what they find humorous or useful to them, expecting everyone to mislead them for their own gain. They imitate and respect extremely bad role models, a very common trait of users on 'Newgrounds'.
- The Facebook Revolution: Pathetic. 'Facebook', it has really sold itself out. Mobiles are plain useless now. Moving on.
- Portals: This refers to the main portals on 'Newgrounds', and not 'Portal', the game. No brainer. Just as in most websites, inexperienced internet users will have the greatest difficulty with the website. Exactly, I found the current website design a very awkward choice in terms of any user, and opinions vary.

In the positive end, although quite rare for me to see, are animations and music that it's general purpose is entertainment. A majority of videos from 'Youtube' do not execute that method.

Last words from this news post: 'Fiction' is not another word for the definition of the real world, psychological manipulation or 'brainwashed' is not depicted as 'Fiction'.

Almost Incomprehensible in Reality

2012-06-30 14:56:53 by AaronofLive12

If you imitate a very bad role model, and you are a big fan of the persons work or their type, it's your decision to destroy yourself. And don't lie to me about that! If it's written down, it is written down, for minutes or for decades.
Strangely speaking of which, it is the same with fictional stories, religion, internet memes, mainstream music, fashion and so on.
As individuals, you (most of you humans) are the biggest threat in Earth in the present modern society. Most are scum and retards, but the portion who still see the mainstream media as sell outs, it has obviously got not just worse, but of the revolution called drugs exposed to children, arrives re-established for ALL the wrong reasons. (compared to the past)
I live in a house with three residents; all of them have sucked themselves in by the deeply depraved media. In today's age, people are acting even worse than the internet memes that are; 1) Exceedingly brainwashing and misleading, and; 2) Explicitly retarded. And where the flak flap is the humor in these memes!?
It is officially the second set of six months of 2012 in the Gregorian calendar year, and I still prefer the computer than the mobile phone. Mobile phones are a horrific habit in the first place, and it leads me to my next question.
Does getting an iPhone make you a better person!?
The typical person would say yes... but not in my case. I definitely know the iPhone severely corrupts a person's mind. It may make you a better person in the short term, except again I know that's not the case. Advanced mobile phones are one very simple example of today's stereotype... Most eventually become excessively vulnerable and lazy.
Since the growing majority of retards have become a very serious, and negative problem, I disrespect their views on love, morals, and fashion. And the theme of love is one of the most controversial elements of today's media. As I also said, drugs do not help make you a better person overall and is partially related to the media's depiction of love and religion.

[This next part may go too far, to some shallow minded people]

And you must remember that religion was never real!
It comes as part of the media's scamming schemes, and I have always known of this. Since religion may be a humorous area for some, the truth was always there. It is all fiction.

[Exiting the ranting to another topic]

I find more enjoyment in creating music productions than creating animations/ flash products. Currently (or according to this news post; July 1, 2012) based on the change, my Music/Animation production ratio, has shifted to 90/10.
To sum all of this up, I am taking it to myself to exit the solitary privacy, to the public internet system, and release my products, without seeking any profits.

You will see two products released here, within 3 hours after this news post.

Over reaction - Just like the previous numerous years

2012-04-01 19:12:35 by AaronofLive12

I slept through most of the First of April this year.
Please meme freak, shut up! Not everyone is a meme lover. I respect the internet, for research, but definitely not for the viral spreading of meme trash, and false information.
Reality is not full of memes in the 1990's. Life was the most pure of realities I have lived in. It's the same decade where I am proud I've lived in, compared to the present day.
In the Gregorian calendar years starting in the early 2000's, degradation is rising and the respect of people is dying.
Are people still sacrificing themselves for the love of anonymous business gains!?

I designed my opinion about my respect of past pixel based creations, and of course how the common companies use this currently for negative commercial gain in the mainstream.
If this is used as in internet meme, you are... just an uncivilized duplicator. This image below is the original.

Over reaction - Just like the previous numerous years