Screw this uncensored age of music

2012-11-26 17:03:55 by AaronofLive12

I have clearly had too many long rests to write nothing on events, and I have certain reasons to do so.

The main topic I mentioned as the subject, fack the mainstream music freaks. I've gained my sanity back by not listening to what most of the retarded children and teenagers listen to, and it is a derogatory waste of a life. As a deeply concerned person who simply cares more about the emphasis of positive minds than the corrupted, the effects of the industry does not affect just one follower, but millions. Sadly and truthfully, the internet has reduced itself to the overwhelming amount of bland and trivial content filled full of lies, scams and very simple opinions. A similar situation is distinct in the music industry, as most of the material and creativity of musicians are very cheap and brainwashing. The extremes of what the universal media form of the internet has done to most of the media industry has generated a great amount of criticism in public, and most of these critics and ordinary people have clear reasons to shout.

Another deeply common element of music, the obvious sexual messages, mostly distinct in Dance (specifically the modern/current genres), Hardcore and Urban music. If I have recognized a music generation of perverted elements and the lack of the true 'Kids and drugs do not mix' positivity in music, you should know I am not amongst the weak minded or agree to join with them anytime soon. Even though I may appreciate some of the previous generations of music and I am not 9 years of age, I personally put on my own soundcloud that I do not respect most musicians promoting any messages of depreciation or in a more basic way, depictions or references of aggression/violence, sex, drugs and negative behavior forms.

More weaker people means a weaker society. Read books and not what the retarded people think on the internet. Social media should not be recommended at anytime.
(Expansion to this post within 2 days.)

Within the next 2 days, I will put two audio items on this website, a music piece and voice acting piece.
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......Try again you rednecks and retards, I'm sick of stories specifically referring to them in the media. Why do I care if any die or are injured you flicks!