Following Jake's Message (that character), and a few other paragraphs

2012-11-27 18:45:28 by AaronofLive12

(Based on recent stories to the public, opinions from this entity)

By the way, I have always hated that "Two and a Half Men©" show. It was one positive message where a member of the main trio fired up a message to the public, he is disgraced with the overall show's run. All to my knowledge at least, since a public channel released a 10 second sample from this 'changed' actor.
The show was terrible to me. It's a no brainer.

Another story which is not mine. Their are several cases of cliched stories of male sports players (mostly rednecks), sometimes forcing me and a minority of others to shout "We knew of this irrelevant craze when that famous football player admitted to taking drugs during the football season", although to my knowledge, the sports anchors and reporters are not clearly sending the message of these cowardly attempts over an already troubled sport.

Flack these reporter sports dudes, it doesn't matter anymore, this is just my life and why the fluck should I watch these redneck douche reporters. You understand what I mean, unless you suck up to rednecks and love these derogatory and useless reporters. Flack them, they do the best their can, and obviously the best are not doing good enough to the retarded men and the women following it.

The actual media are as abusive towards their superiors than people fighting to severely damage the corrupted media with trite. Admit it media horns, it's disgusting to see you insignificant lowlifes drag and dumb down the public. Just admit it.