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Effects of social media comes throughout the gradual downfall of this website.

I still blame the redesign. There is even less of a reason for me to come to the website where most of the flash and 2D animated items here are explicitly retarded to me, and the longer I was exposed to the content, the more disgusted I felt with the future direction of talent, and the child critics do not help one flacking bit. As well, the content was affecting my general judgement of opinion, with responses from the authors either being abusive or retarded, rarely has any of the authors placed a mature, constructive and unbiased response back, and I am aware of the consequences on both ends, they should be aware of it as well.
There is now little of what is considered great about Newgrounds now.

My History on Newgrounds
A junior high school. 2006 g.c. Teenagers (students) were the people who were accessing the website from their then-latest model Macbooks, the same time I respected the modern metal genre and trance music. The first of the flash products I experienced on Newgrounds were games, since I was partially aware of flash products back then, and naively thought Newgrounds was specifically for games, with less emphasis on animation and music. Throughout the time that I accessed the website during the unrestricted period at school, and remember too that I was mostly naive back then, searching the website content released a mix of emotions for me. The other downfall was the slow bandwidth speed in Australia, limiting my browsing, but unlike most individuals I did not mind waiting until the pages loaded.
The few things keeping me sane between 2006 g.c and December 2007 g.c were the knowledgeable people who can tell what was best for development. Proceeding to December 2008, the then overabundance of commercialized urban music and the fall of Myspace and rise of the Facebook social network, I entered Newgrounds as a user from December 12, 2008 under WZyndicate, but rarely did I realize that while I joined Newgrounds and Myspace, was when the infamous period of social networks were used. I called this internet revolution "pathetic" back then, and at that time, Youtube became the famous "Fluck your intelligence and suck in to the cool runts doing stupid trash" website and internet memes were overabundant and typically demeaning, misleading and cheap.
Getting back on topic, Newgrounds and websites similar to it eased some of my difficulties, ironically fixing some, and gradually turned into a cheap entertainment source. For example, the animations on this website have greatly altered in overall production during the 7 years I have been on here. It has turned into an unbearable waste from my end of the knowledge side, the few that would be called a step in the right direction may be the only ones I would respect in the whole.
As one of the sources of illiteracy and pointlessness, it is currently a general example of the partially corrupted digital society filled with a majority of inferior people regularly using Facebook, Twitter or another simplified social network. I know now it weakens individuality and judgement and can affect your lifestyle depending on how heavy you use it and your depth of reality.
Since I DID NOT grow up as a pushy pussy shifter making a tragic living in corrupting other people with constantly posting internet memes and quotes from Television programs and other media outlets, I'm seeing the corrupted society from my own perspective, and I have experienced most of the major events are unsuitable for positive progress.

I officially lost my respect as a member of Newgrounds as of February 15, 2013.
I will not be returning to Newgrounds as a member from April 28, 2013. To me, the future of this website is officially dead.

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