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ZTV News Short: Halloween ZTV News Short: Halloween

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Before reviewers say that the product is fiction, I know already that it is.

Two immediate issues I can see.
First, a rating of Teen? This should clearly be rated Mature or Adult, since visually, it was safer than the audio. Secondly, the comments; none of the 'Not suitable for children' or similar are written on the author comments, and a warning should be placed for the purpose of the lyrical content.
To watch safely, be under adult supervision to watch this (if you are a child), or/and have enough knowledge of the topics of pornography and self-touching. Again, visually harmless, but sexualized in audio content. Believing in the holiday is an optional field.

Another 8-bit parody song and it is about internet pornography. I found the lyrics more parodied than truth. In other words, the music overall is well produced and is enjoyable if parodied music is a deep preference to you. I personally thought the song was average.
That aside, I would prefer to listen to the full version of the instrumental than with lyrics.

Other than the parody, the rest fell flat, and predictable from the first viewing. Still, enjoy the holiday, although some do not celebrate it.
I'm rating it 6/10 for the whole.

Cop Dog Cop Dog

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Very Mediocre.
In some sense it is original, but that is a small portion unfortunately.
In no detail I'm going through the music, as it is used positively. Nor in detail would I go through the visuals.
It is heavily cliched. That would be the most flawed element through the whole. That is the simple reason I have rated the animation 4/10, because of the excess cliches and pop culture references, and therefore, is the most relevant as a fantasy for a teen block morning show. The story is the other cliche.
The other negative area in the animation is the characters. Stereotypes written all over.
Ending this review, I realize now this comes as a submission for NATA 2012. Theme oriented.
Still, as I'm not reviewing this for a contest, but as a general review. I overall review my results to this as a common animation, with explicit cliched elements throughout.

The Purple Guy The Purple Guy

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Easily forgettable.

Suggest seizures firsthand in your comments or your animation.

ToyStory4 ToyStory4

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Just another pointless meme animation.

Quit acting retarded and release a decent product!
Not only was this a short piece of ridiculous eye candy/visual detail (the only decent element of the whole animation), but this IS extremely misleading, bar none.
Grow out of internet meme trash products. Idiots and meme lovers may enjoy this but it's definitely snuff (a bad animation) when a lot of positive and mature viewers see it!
I know this will be portal protected, and it makes absolute sense.

Carbonwater responds:

Not really trying to appeal to the meme audience.
Just came to the conclusion that these two franchises are both toys, so I made something short about them.
Simple as that.

NoPUNintendo NoPUNintendo

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A decent product based on the animation quality. It's not considered wasted talent but you may become failures in the future (only respected by Idiotic fans). Either keep going to the lengths of possible failure or grow up and research before releasing a commited animation. (Read about 'Pac-Man' and 'Toy Story' characters below)

In the puns field, the only parts I found good were 'Weegee poking Mario', 'Guillotine Execution' and 'The Fans demanding to hear Metal Mario'.

A real-world story you may not get. Pac-man maybe a multi-platform videogame mascot now, but (you may already know this) the Pac-Man franchise is a trademark entity of Namco, not Nintendo. This and Pac-Man is Namco's official Mascot.
Your studio did this in another parody short. 'Buzz Lightyear' and 'Woody' are characters originally owned by 'Pixar'.

Flash related:
I can acknowledge one reason for the large animation size.
The audio was either set on 'Event' or 'Start'. The two specific 'Event' audio items I'm referring to are the city background from the 'Pac-Heist' scene, lasting around twice as long as the actual scene, and the crowds reaction from 'The Fans demanding to hear Metal Mario', lasting approximately 3 times longer than the actual scene. Certain sounds in that sense can occur unless inexperience or time constraints are strictly referenced.

Most flash forum websites have specific information about reducing/compressing size in flash productions.

Overall opinion:
Positives: Audio (in general)
Tandem (positives and negatives): Jokes throughout the animation - Some puns were decent and creative, others were just plain stupid and repulsive.
Audio (use of events) - Pause in the scenes mentioned in this review, and the point is more relevant to the overall file size.
Overall animation and visuals - Of course both were done at professional standards. The stupidity in some scenes lowered the bar in this animation.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Of the reasons, I'm rating 6/10 on this product.
I deeply suggest that before you actually release a flash production, do research firsthand, and give credit to the companies who created the entities of any product.

TerminalMontage responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, I didn't credit Namco and Pixar, but I warranted their appearances because Pac Man and Woody/Buzz have been on Nintendo consoles, not all of the puns I will be doing will be only Nintendo franchises, but as long as it was on Nintendo I'll do it.

As for the sounds that are a smidgen longer than the animations, the animation could lag. I'm still learning how to optimize everything in the flash files, I figured the sounds should be a bit longer in case of lag, so for the few people that may experience that, they won't hear silence. I think having an extra 3 or so seconds wouldn't bring the file size over the top. And of course I set the sounds to stop at certain frames so when there is no lag they stop at the right spot. I'm not sure what you mean by sounds being set on 'event' or 'start' as I've really not done much with sound in Flash, so I'll look into that.

And you're right about puns, they're bad. I try to make sure I do the most awful puns I can with NoPUNintendo. Some people can laugh at something so absolutely terrible, and some can't!

Koopa's day Koopa's day

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Memories of Bomb-Omb Battlefield

A nostalgic trip down the koopa shell.

I know it's about one minute long, but in this piece, time was right in place.
The ironic surprise of when Mario interferes Koopa Troopa's exercise routine, would be the crucial part of the animation. For Mario in the cliche fashion, Koopas are basically a small obstacle in his path, as this failed documentary shows.

It felt quite satisfying seeing the appearance of the characters. You also did a good job with the expressions, from the various expressions from Koopa Troopa, to the dark behavior of Mario test driving the shell (so to speak).

Presented as a whole, the product is of a simple parodied concept that works on many fields. The use of macabre was an unexpected (and positive) element viewing this product, with Lakitu's emotion being perfect for an ending.

A rating of 9 stars overall. Reason for one star deduction: Where were the Goombas after the incident?

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